High School Selection Process


Review Window: Nov 15 – Nov 22, 2023
As the School District continues to review the thousands of applications that we received, there will be periods of time during the review window when school selection statuses will not be available to view.
During these periods, the District’s Student Enrollment and Placement team will be updating applicant statuses in the school selection system, Enroll.
To that end, the application status, as displayed on the SchoolMint platform marked as In Processing, will be temporarily unavailable from November 15 through November 22, 2023, while we update the statuses for applicants receiving an individualized review, and applicants who applied to schools requiring auditions or project-based presentations.

Application Statuses
Starting November 22nd at 5:00 pm, these application statuses will reflect one of the following:

Submitted & Eligible: This status indicates that the applicant is eligible for the lottery process, though it does not guarantee a confirmed placement within the school.
Ineligible: This status will be assigned to applicants who have failed to meet one or more of the established criteria. If you find yourself uncertain of the criteria unmet, we strongly advise consultation with your counselor or refer to the school selection website. In limited circumstances, applicants may have the opportunity to appeal once the appeal window opens on November 22. Visit the school selection website to review the valid reasons for an appeal.
Pending Additional Criteria Review: This particular status can indicate one of two scenarios: The applicant qualifies for an Individualized Review, OR
The applicant has successfully met the grades, attendance, and assessment criteria for performance and project-based schools and is progressing to the audition/project-based presentation phase of eligibility.