Enrollment period for the 2020-2021 for all grades ended November 1, 2019.

School Visitation:
Conwell has an open-house events during the fall in October and November. With this opportunity, you and your student will view and hear presentations by current and or alumni Conwell students and staff, parents are welcomed to take an optional tour of the school.

Information will be posted online on our calendar for our open-house events.

*All applications are submitted electronically through the School District of Philadelphia School Selection Site. Students enter in grade 5; there are limited admissions in grades 6, 7 and 8. 

  • Grades: A’s and B’s with the possible exception of one C in major subjects on most recent final report card.
    Behavior: No negative disciplinary reports (suspensions) and no 3’s on most recent final report card.
  • Minimum standardized test scores In Reading and Mathematics to qualify for
    admission are as follows (PSSA Conversion Chart):
    Grade 6 – 70th percentile
    Grades 7th & 8th – 80th percentile
  • Attendance: Exemplary attendance & punctuality (no more than 10 absences; no more than 10 instances of lateness) on most recent final report card.
  • Letters of Recommendation (We welcome letters describing student’s work habits and behavior (peer-peer, student-staff rapport/interactions)

Special needs students and English Language Learners are invited to apply to Conwell. Decisions are made through a team process.
Only students preparing to attend special admissions high school should consider Conwell Middle Magnet School.

Applications are through the online School District of Philadelphia school selection system. This system can be accessed from the School District of Philadelphia website: