Exact Dates TBD Oct. 2022 – Nov. 2022

Enrollment period for the 2022-2023 for all grades ends November 2022.

*All applications are submitted electronically through the School District of Philadelphia School Smart Selection. Students enter in grade 5 & 6; there are limited admissions in grades 7 and 8. 


Conwell Middle Magnet School is a Criteria Based school. Prospective students should have two years of all A’s and B’s with the exception of 1 C in a major subject. Excellent behavior, no suspensions and 95 percent attendance with no more than 9 unexcused absences. Students typically enter the school in Grade 5 and 6 however, there are limited admissions in grades 7 and 8.

If applying to the 5th grade –  2nd & 3rd grade final grades & final attendance marks
If applying to the 6th grade –  3rd & 4th grade final grades & final attendance marks
If applying to the 7th grade –  4th & 5th grade final grades  final attendance marks
If applying to the 8th grade –  5th & 6th grade final grades  final attendance marks

🚨 Eligiblility 🚨

After Applying

Based on our criteria, applicants will be notified if they are either “Eligible” or “Ineligible” for the lottery. If the applicant is “Eligible” they will then be entered into the computer-based lottery. In February, families can check the school selection (Smart Choice) system for the lottery results. If the applicant is selected, they will have to then accept CONWELL in the school selection (Smart Choice) system.






Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the school provide transportation?

A: Students who live at least 1.8 miles away from Conwell receive a Septa Key Card.

Q: Do students have to wear uniforms?

A: Yes. Royal Blue and Khaki. Collard shirt or crewneck sweatshirt with either khaki pants, jumper, shorts, or skirt. (Hoodies are earned and ONLY for Honor Roll students)

Q: Is lunch provided?

A: Every students is eligible for FREE lunch. Lunch is prepared each day fresh for students. Students also receive breakfast during morning admissions.

Q: What are Conwell’s school hours?

A: 7:30AM to 2:30PM

Q: What kind of student is Conwell looking for?

A: A student who is interested in their own growth and education. Someone who is eager to learn and develop as a person as well as a student.

Q: What is the average class size?

A: Our classes average 26 students. There are  (1) 5th grade, (3) 6th grade, (3) 7th grade, (3) 8th grade sections currently.

Q: Are there Clubs and Sports at Conwell?

A: We have After School All Stars which has various sports, and during the school day we have instrumental music, Girls Inc., Philly Ad Club, C.A.D.E. Kids (Anti-Gambling), Teen Authors, Art Club.

Q: Are there any Enrichment classes offered?

A: We have Algebra I, Life Math, Social Justice

Q: Are there any “Specials” offered in the daily schedule?

A: All students receive Art, Physical Education, Health, Spanish, Technology at least once per week.

Q: What safety measures are in place to protect the Conwell school community?

A: We have a School Police Officer, strict visitor policy, Philadelphia Police patrol, Climate Manager and Safe Corridors program.

Q: Are guidance counseling and other resources available?

A: Yes. We have a full-time counselor and school nurse.

Special needs students and English Language Learners are invited to apply to Conwell. Decisions are made through a team process.
Students preparing to attend criteria based high school should consider Conwell Middle Magnet School.

Applications are through the online School District of Philadelphia Smart Selection system.