Welcome To Conwell

Welcome to Conwell

Enrollment period for the 2020-2021 for all grades ends November 6, 2020.

*All applications are submitted electronically through the School District of Philadelphia School Selection Site. Students enter in grade 5; there are limited admissions in grades 7 and 8. 


  • Grades: A’s and B’s with the possible exception of one C in major subjects on most recent final report card.
  • Behavior: No negative disciplinary reports (suspensions).

If applying to the 5th grade – School will need 2nd & 3rd grade final grades, 2nd & 3rd grade attendance marks / *
If applying to the 6th grade – School will need 3rd & 4th grade final grades / 3rd & 4th grade final attendance marks / 3rd grade Standardized Tests
If applying to the 7th grade – School will need 4th & 5th grade final grades / 4th & 5th grade final attendance marks / 3rd & 4th grade Standardized Tests
If applying to the 8th grade – School will need 5th & 6th grade final grades / 5th & 6th grade final attendance marks / 4th & 5th grade Standardized Tests

  • Letters of Recommendation (NOT required…We welcome letters describing student’s work habits and behavior (peer-peer, student-staff rapport/interactions)

Special needs students and English Language Learners are invited to apply to Conwell. Decisions are made through a team process.
Students preparing to attend special admissions high school should consider Conwell Middle Magnet School.

Applications are through the online School District of Philadelphia school selection system.

School Visitation:
Information will be posted online on our calendar for our open-house events.

School District students Apply Here

Non School District students Apply Here