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Admissions FAQ's

Q: Does the school provide transportation?

A: Students who live at least 1.8 miles away from Conwell receive a Septa Key Card.

Q: Do students have to wear uniforms?

A: Yes. Royal Blue and Khaki. Collard shirt or crewneck sweatshirt with either khaki pants, jumper, shorts, or skirt. (Hoodies are earned and ONLY for Honor Roll students)

Q: Is lunch provided?

A: Every students is eligible for FREE lunch. Lunch is prepared each day fresh for students. Students also receive breakfast during morning admissions.

Q: What are Conwell’s school hours?

A: 7:30AM to 2:30PM

Q: What kind of student is Conwell looking for?

A: A student who is interested in their own growth and education. Someone who is eager to learn and develop as a person as well as a student.

Q: What is the average class size?

A: Our classes average 26 students. There are  (1) 5th grade, (3) 6th grade, (3) 7th grade, (3) 8th grade sections currently.

Q: Are there Clubs and Sports at Conwell?

A: We have After School All Stars which has various sports, and during the school day we have instrumental music, Girls Inc., Philly Ad Club, C.A.D.E. Kids (Anti-Gambling), Teen Authors, Art Club.

Q: Are there any Enrichment classes offered?

A: We have Algebra I, Life Math, Social Justice

Q: Are there any “Specials” offered in the daily schedule?

A: All students receive Art, Physical Education, Health, Spanish, Technology at least once per week.

Q: What safety measures are in place to protect the Conwell school community?

A: We have a School Police Officer, strict visitor policy, Philadelphia Police patrol, Climate Manager and Safe Corridors program.

Q: Are guidance counseling and other resources available?

A: Yes. We have a full-time Counselor,  Climate Manager, School Nurse, COMHAR & SAP.

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